Dienstag, 19. August 2014

First show for Tigidit Wiluna!

National Dog Show in Torun
Tigidit Wiluna 1ex, best junior, BOB I and BoG 4!

 Congratulations to Kris & Wiluna - well done!

Freitag, 15. August 2014

Visiting Ingrid Aigeldinger again

After a long day in Rifferswil we went to see Ingrid Aigeldinger again, who was already waiting impatiently to have many Azawakh around her.

Before it got too dark we had to manage the group-photo first:

Ingrid enjoyed to see the dogs around her place, for (good) pictures it was already too dark.

Ilhami likes Dede Brunner
Well, the supper was already waiting and we had some wonderful time together until a thunderstorm interrupted it ...

Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Sighthoundshow Rifferswil/CH, 10.08.2014

Last sunday we enjoyed a little "family-meeting" in Rifferswil. 15 Azawakh were entered, judged by Maria Teresa Fassio Durando, who was very kind and gentle with the dogs.

The results (meanwhile also published):



VP 1 Best Puppy - Tigidit Xambre


Ex. 1 Youth-CAC Best Male BOB - Oska Kel Lusitania Clif

Intermediate Class:

Ex. 1 CAC - Tigidit Ventoso

Open Class:

Ex. 1 CAC - Azizi Kel Dahoussahaq

Ex. 2 ResCAC - Zamzam Kel Dahoussahaq


Ex. 1 CAC - Vahid Kel Dahoussahaq

Ex. 2 ResCAC - Tombouktou's Yeki



VG 1 - Tukki Kel Dahoussahaq (sorry, no pic)


P 1 - Tigidit Xankandi Sahari

Intermediate class:

Ex. 1 CAC Best female - Tigidit Voramar

Open class:

Ex. 1 CAC - Bhavani Kel Dahoussahaq

Ex. 2 ResCAC - Abagazem Kel Dahoussahaq

Ex. 3 - Canelle Kel Dahoussahaq


Ex. 1 CAC - Fanie Kel Arawane Nefta

Ex. 2 ResCAC - Aziza Kel Dahoussahaq

After the judging was done the Azawakhfanciers were invited by the Club Azawakh Swiss for a little meeting with a nice presentation ceremony.

Then it was "Podenco-time". Lucas and Clenxa at Tigidit were entered, unfortunately they were the only entered Podenco Ibicenco wire-haired. So Lucas got Ex. 1 CAC BOS, Clenxa at Tigidit got Ex. 1 CAC BOB.

BOS Lucas
BOB Clenxa at Tigidit