Samstag, 29. November 2014

Happy Birthday "Ms"

This month is really full of birthdays!

Six years ago the M-litter (Django x Tigidit Gadzi) was born, three males, Manhaus, Maonlay and Myosotis, and three females, Mopti, Mzereb and M'Sahel.

Happy birthday to all the "Ms"!

Freitag, 28. November 2014

Happy Birthday "Is"

And another birthday! Eight years ago the I-litter (Calamide x Tigidit Elica) was born, three males, Ilhami, Ikraam and Imojar, and four females, Impala, Ivory, Ineni and Izmir.

Happy Birthday to all the "Is"!

Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Happy Birthday "Os"

Another birthday to celebrate today! Four years ago the O-litter (Bem Bésédé de Garde-Epée x Tigidit Kumshe) was born, three males, Ontario, Occitano and Omayyadi and four females, Odessa, Okapi, Olivia and Onice.

Happy Birthday to all the "Os"!

Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Another championship for Qismah!

On the International dog show in Zagreb 23/11/2014 Tigidit Qismah was very successful again:

Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, Zagreb Winner & BOS!

Azawakh were judged by Mrs. Colette Muldoon (IRL). Qismah today is new Croatian Champion too!

Congratulations to Franca & Qismah!

Samstag, 22. November 2014

A warm welcome to the "Ys"!

Yesterday was an exciting day, the Y-litter was born. Tigidit Mopti whelped two males and two females. Mother and puppies are doing fine.

Tigidit Mopti (Django x Tigidit Gadzi) was mated by M.Ch. Worgeordie Esamir Na'ema (Swala's Simba Ijumaa x Tibhawin's Themis), COI in 10 generations 4,66 %.

Tigidit Mopti & Worgeordie Esamir Na'ema
Serious inquieries are welcome!

Freitag, 21. November 2014

Happy Birthday "Ts"

Three years ago the T-litter (Tigidit Ilhami x Ultra Violet) was born, five males, Thar, Tarpan, Tanooki, Tab Tangri and Tiago, and one female, Toessé.

Happy Birthday to all the "Ts"!

Happy Birthday, Tigidit "Bs"

14 years ago the Tigidit B-litter (Tigidit x Jalameh de Garde-Epée) was born, one male, Bambaata, and four females, Bambara, Banghra, Behili and Biloxi.

Happy Birthday to all the "Bs"!

Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

Happy Birthday, Tigidit "Xs"

Last year the Tigidit X-litter (Tigidit Pecos x Taoudeni at Tigidit) was born, one male, Xambre, and two females, Xankandi Sahari and Xayìde.

Happy Birthday to all the "Xs"!

Dienstag, 18. November 2014

New slovenian champion!

On the Int. Dogshow Sempeter Tigidit Qismah fullfilled the conditions for the title "Slovenian Champion" - congratulations to Franca & Qismah!

Montag, 17. November 2014

A successful weekend in Germany

Very nice results at the International Dog Show in Karlsruhe (D), for Podencos Ibicencos Lucas (imp. Spain) and SBIS Ch Clenxa at Tigidit (imp. Spain), perfectly presented by Elisa & Mauro, under Mediterranean breeds specialist Mr Jean Brixhe (B). Both got VDH, CAC, CACIB with Clenxa BOB.

At the National Dog Show in Karlsruhe both got VDH and CAC, with Clenxa BOB again.

Montag, 10. November 2014

Tigidit Y-litter - soon!

Puppies expected around the 22nd of november!

Int., French, Belgium, Swedish, Dutch, German (Club), Luxemburg, Dutch Benelux Winner 2014, Swedish Club Winner 2014, LS Hessen-Thüringen 2013, Jahressieger 2012, NVOW Club Winner 2012 & 2011, Groningen Winner 2011, Dutch Winner 2010, Dutch Junior Winner 2010, Dutch Youth Ch., Dutch Ch. "Beauty and Performances", French Ch. "Laureat au Standard Performances", French Coursingchampion 2011

Serious inquieries are welcome!

Sonntag, 9. November 2014

Happy birthday, Tigidit "Ss"

Three years ago the Tigidit S-litter (Tigidit Harmattan x Taoudeni) was born, two boys, Shamo and Songhay, and three girls, Savannah, Sonora and Saiga.

Happy birthday to all the Ss!

Samstag, 8. November 2014

Available again!

Due to a double reservation revoked, two male youngsters are available again, only for loving show homes.
Tigidit Balthazar (the white one) and Tigidit Babirussa (the red and white one).

Born January 23rd, 2013

Serious inquiries are welcome!

Freitag, 7. November 2014

Happy birthday, Tigidit "Rs"

Three years ago the Tigidit R-litter (Calamide x Tawardé) was born, five boys, Rajshahi, Ras Aamer, Rasputin, Rey and Razi, and one girl, Rimassa.

Happy birthday to all the Rs!

Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

Happy birthday, Tigidit "Us"

Two years ago the Tigidit U-litter (Sahid at Tigidit x Tigidit Gadzi) was born, two boys, Ussuri and Ungaro, and two girls, Uzala and Urania.

Happy birthday to all the Us!

Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Tigidit Woobinda and Tigidit Ventoso

... met on the international show in Hannover/D. They seem to become really good friends, both behaved very nice and friendly with each other and all the other dogs.

Ventoso was shown in intermediate class under the swiss judge Beatrix Märki-Casanova, who awarded Ex. 1 VDH and ResCAC.

After judging Ventoso did a wonderful job to show interested people how nice an Azawakh can be while Woobinda got in contact with many dogs who really liked him.

Later all owners of the entered Azawakh went together for lunch and had a lot of fun, while the most dogs were relaxing in their cars. Only Woobie joined us into the restaurant, where he got quite tired ...

This was really a very nice day, now we're planning the next Aza-meeting in Germany, hopefully in the end of november, and of course with several Tigiditfamily-members!

Photos: FrankWilke/Peter Tarrach