Montag, 5. Mai 2014

Raduno di Primavera, Padenghe sul Garda, 03.05.2014

No rain at all! So much better for the 20 entered Azawakhs, which were judged by Nina Neswadba from Austria - sorry, only a few results are available, but of course some photos.

Congratulations to Franca Gallo & Tigidit Qismah for BOB!!! BOS was Tigidit Tiago, Best Young Tigidit Vanilla, owned by Mara Stefanoni.

Tigidit Nusrat
Tigidit Manhaus
Tigidit Thar
Tigidit Manhaus
Tigidit Shamo
BOS Tigidit Tiago
Tigidit Ventoso
Tigidit Odessa

Tigidit Qismah - BOB
Tigidit Qwara
Tigidit Savannah
Tigidit Voramar
Tigidit Voramar moving
Tigidit Vanilla - Best Young
Vanilla & Mara

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