Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Tigidit Woobinda and Tigidit Ventoso

... met on the international show in Hannover/D. They seem to become really good friends, both behaved very nice and friendly with each other and all the other dogs.

Ventoso was shown in intermediate class under the swiss judge Beatrix Märki-Casanova, who awarded Ex. 1 VDH and ResCAC.

After judging Ventoso did a wonderful job to show interested people how nice an Azawakh can be while Woobinda got in contact with many dogs who really liked him.

Later all owners of the entered Azawakh went together for lunch and had a lot of fun, while the most dogs were relaxing in their cars. Only Woobie joined us into the restaurant, where he got quite tired ...

This was really a very nice day, now we're planning the next Aza-meeting in Germany, hopefully in the end of november, and of course with several Tigiditfamily-members!

Photos: FrankWilke/Peter Tarrach

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